Terms and conditions

Each registered DJ will be selected according to our quality and marketing criteria.

We reserve the right to choose the staff included despite Best DJ Agency is a subscription service.

To ensure that our customers always find professionals suited to their needs and in full respect of the world of work, Best DJ Agency reserves the right to also decide to remove the registered DJs based on too many negative reviews that could take place in case of lack of interest in agreements, unfulfilled legal and labor practices, agreements or economic aspects not fully respected or disrespectful attitudes during the exhibition or with the client.

Every DJ registered with Best DJ Agency can use the subscription service only for the period agreed by e-mail.

All DJs can subscribe to the “EMERGING DJs” category except for those who meet the requirements to enter the “TOP STAR DJS” category.

Only female DJs can enter the “FEMALE DJS” category. In the case in which there are musical projects, then characters that during the performance are 2 or more elements, to be part of this category all the components of the project must be female. Who is eligible for inclusion in this category can make use of the inclusion in all other categories provided they comply with the conditions that the other categories require for the purpose of insertion.

DJs wishing to register for the “TOP STAR DJS” category must meet the following requirements:

High quality photo book
At least one production that has obtained 100,000 plays in streaming or has reached the top 10 in the sales ranking of one of the following distribution portals with a stay of at least 8 weeks:
Juno Download
An excellent fan base with good feedback and a good number of interactions on their social and music promotion profiles, respecting at least one of the following requirements:
1) Facebook:

100,000 subscribers
100 I like it for post

2) Instagram:

20,000 registered
300 I like it for post

3) YouTube

10,000 subscribers
1 million views on the channel with a video of at least 100,000 views

4) Twitter

20,000 subscribers

5) SoundCloud

20,000 subscribers

The inclusion in the “OUR DJS” category takes place in the case in which the registered DJs or in the registration phase sign a distribution contract for at least 5 years with the Doctors of Chaos Music Group entering the Best DJ Agency will be implemented at 50% of the costs. In the event that a DJ registered during the registration phase intends to sign a distribution contract with the Doctors of Chaos Music Group, the Best DJ Agency will not reimburse 50% of the cost, but will extend the active contract for the same period for which the DJ requested the promotion. For the following contracts the Best DJ Agency will implement 50% of the price.

Each DJ can request additional and customized promotions through the Best DJ Agency in a personalized manner or using our pre-set packages. The additional promotions do not provide for 50% of the costs for the “OUR DJS” category.

None of the registered DJs can send other figures who are not registered within the agency if they can not accept the job or if they are forced to cancel the work taken for reasons of any kind.
This procedure provides for the immediate cancellation of the profile and we will deny further agreements with the same DJ who has applied this practice.

Every person requesting a DJ will have to make sure to put in order the DJ or DJs chosen for his event. The economic agreements on the payment method will have to be respected as requested by the DJ or, in case the Best DJ Agency is to take care of it, according to our modalities.

Any possible disagreement with the DJ is not our responsibility except in case the management of the event is not at our expense. But it is our interest instead to offer a quality product and real professionals through our showcase. Therefore, any communication regarding our members will be accepted and will be taken with due consideration based on situations in which the DJs will not take appropriate behavior based on the various situations of the event of any kind.

Terms and conditions may be subject to change even without prior or subsequent disclosure based on any type of change in regulations or positions of any kind.

Last updated: 05-12-2017