Steeve SVK is a DJ, producer and remixer from Slovakia Let me introduce myself in several places.

He has more than 19 years of professional DJ experience, worked on the best Eastern Slovak radio as a DJ.

DJ and resident for 6 top clubs in Eastern Slovakia Experience with big summer festivals in Bratislava Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Music on labels like Whore House by Legends Hoxtone Whores, Vamos Music, Comb Records, Disco Balls Records, DJCamp Label, Influence Records, Lovely Tunes, Tumbatta Records, Total Freedom Records, Burns Digital Records, Electroscene Label and more.

DJ who doesn’t play for himself but for the crowd. It’s easy and faithful to your work. He thinks he’s an old school. Faithful throughout her career, DJ’s turntable and vinyl.
His music is full of positive enrgia, a fantastic vibe that will totally engulf you. The professional soul and heart of Groove House music.


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