Giorgio Thayder


Born in Brazil on the 10th of August 1997, adopted by an italian couple at the age of 7, Giorgio moves to Italy in the city of Milan. He learns how to play the guitar in his early life at the Italian Academy of Guitar and at the age of 11 he starts playing the drums. After 4 years of experience, at the age of 15 , he decides to buy his first mixer and as an autodidact he starts producing and mixing DJ sets. At 16 he performs in private events and clubs in the city of Milan, gaining valuable experience and feedback from his crowds. When he is 20, Giorgio decides to enroll in the Sound Engineering degree at the Sound Academy of Milan.


Nato in brasile il 10/08/1997 viene adottato da una coppia italiana all’età di 7 anni e viene a vere a Milano. 8 anni si iscrive all’accademia della chitarra dove segue dei corsi di chitarra classica per 2 anni. a 11 anni lascia lo studio della chitarra per dedicarsi a quella della batteria seguendo dei corsi per 4 anni.
a 15 anni acquista il suo primo mixer e da auto didatta inizia a fare i primi dj-set. A 16 anni inizia ad esibirsi in feste private e in discoteche a Milano. a 20 anni si iscrive all’accademia del suono al Corso di sound enginner.

  • House
  • Deep House
  • Tech House
  • Record player (Vinyl)
  • Console (CDJ)
  • Controllers


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